What the heck is fries sauce?

Answer I'm Mormon, I moved to Utah almost four years ago.Fry sauce is this pink crap, definitely not calorie-free, that in some restaurants might be good. They actually sell it in bottles in the grocery s... Read More »

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What do you like on your fries Worcester sauce?

Cheese and Gravy.. I love Poutine, dont ask me what that is. lol

What sauce do you like on french fries?

kethchup & mayo mixed together (my kids call it mixi sauce)

Do u think its nasty to dip french fries in ranch dressing or bbq sauce?

No its not gross i like dipping mine in ranch, bbq, or honey mustard i dont like ketchup on my fries

Gyro with Fries Chicken Fingers with Fries Or Fillet Of Fish with Fries Which do u like better?