What the disk is write protectedremove the write protected?

Answer Logitec Harmony any one the all work the same i love mine.

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My USB removable disk is, for unknown reason showing the message "Disk is write-protected"....?

There are many sites out there that talk about this problem and ways to fix it. This is just one example:…I've seen people state that removing the USB driv... Read More »

How can i remove 'this disk is write protected' ....plz solve it...?

The only way I managed to get it back was to change all of the access rights including drive is a long process as all permissions have to be changed and inherant rights.

How do I format a write protected dvd ?

just break d dvd if u wanna delete all files..or scratch it.

How do I delete write protected programs?

Restart your computer and run in Safe Mode. Safe mode can be accessed by hitting "F8" as the computer boots up.Navigate to the folder containing the program file and right-click on it. Select "Prop... Read More »