What the difference between halibut and haddock fish and chips?

Answer Haddock is used in traditional choice for British Fish and Chips or for smoking and canning. It is related to the Cod. Halibut is a flatfish, looking an like it was caught at an embarrassing moment... Read More »

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What is the difference between flaxseed oil&fish oil?

Flax and fish oil are both rich in omega-3, an essential fatty acid. However, the oils in the two products are made up of different chemicals and provide different health benefits.SourcesAccording ... Read More »

What is the difference between a telephoto lens& a fish-eye?

Both digital and film SLR cameras feature interchangeable lenses. Sometimes a zoom can eliminate the need for changing lenses, but if you wish to use a "fish-eye" or a powerful telephoto lens, then... Read More »

Is halibut a freshwater or a saltwater fish?

Halibut are saltwater fish. They live along the sandy bottom of the ocean floor. They are commonly called ocean game fish and can grow up to 400 pounds or more.References:Discover Salt... Read More »

What is the difference between male&female platy fish?

Platy fish (Xiphophorus) are tropical fish native to Southern Mexico, Guatemala, and Honduras. There are 40 different hybrids of platies. Male and female platies can be distinguished by several cha... Read More »