What the diff between P67, Z77, H67, Z68?

Answer They have different numbers of slots and support different Intel technologies. Seeing as you have an unlocked processor, I'm going to go ahead and assume that you are going to overclock your proces... Read More »

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What is diff between DDR1 &DDR2?

DDR SDR - Double-Data-Rate synchronous dynamic random access memoryIn simple terms I can sayDDR- 1 will use only one way to send and receive dataDDR- 2 will use one way for sending & another to rec... Read More »

What's the diff. between 40" & 42" TV?

2 inches, not much. size of the room is something to consider.

What's the diff' between BB and foundation?

Agree with all above, as an additonal note I must say I think BB Creams are a total rip-off- they have been around fo years (only we used to call then tinted moisturisers!) The anti-ageing/skin tex... Read More »

What's The Diff. Between AF-S ( Nikon ) EF-S (Canon)?

Nikon AF-S --- inbuilt motor in the lens lets autofocus for all camera's in nikon line below d7000 and d90 which do not have a focus motor in the camera body.AF doesn't have an inbuilt motor in th... Read More »