What the city that drake and josh live in the show drake and josh?

Answer They lived in San Diego,CA

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Name of Drake and Josh's sister on the show Drake and Josh?

On Drake and Josh what are Megan Drake and Josh's real names?

Drake's real name is Drake Bell.Josh's real name is Josh Peck.Megan's real name is Miranda Cosgrove.

Has Drake Bell covered anyone's mouth with his hand in Drake and Josh?

Yes he has, in "Steered Straight" Drake Bell covers Jonathan Goldstein's (Walter's) mouth.yes he has in steered straight because they were bad people in their house and the bad guys thought drake a... Read More »

Drake bell became famous by the serie drake and josh?

Yes he did (I think) he and Josh Peck became famous from Drake and JoshI'm sorry but I think Drake is much more famous!!well that helped him become famous but he was on the Amanda Show before that.