What the boot camps for teens do?

Answer Boot Camps for Teens are designed to help a teen that is heading in a negative direction. When a teen begins using drugs, drinking alcohol, and skipping school they are obviously heading in a negat... Read More »

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Why are boot camps bad?

Because an undisciplied armed group is a mob. Boot Camp instills discipline.

What is the effectiveness of boot camps?

Dr. Doris Layton MacKenzie, who has researched boot camps since 1987, finds that they vary often in the length the teens reside in camp and the amount of care they receive afterwards. Boot camps ha... Read More »

Spanish Camps for Teens?

A language immersion experience, like Spanish camp, can be beneficial to students struggling to learn in traditional classrooms. These camps offer teens the chance to eat, sleep and breathe another... Read More »

Motivational Camps for Teens?

Some teens struggle with problems like behavior, self-esteem or weight issues. Motivational camps in the summer can be great tools for teens to learn how to overcome their adversities. There are se... Read More »