What the best recipe using one ingredient?

Answer eat an apple..

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What is your best ever recipe using macaroni as the main ingredient?

I make an awesome macaroni & cheese with ham! Oh man I'm drooling :)

What is one ingredient you often substitute for something a recipe calls for?

buttermilk in place of sour cream or butter in mashed potatoes

An ingredient in a recipe I want to try is "Farval for Passover". I can't find out what it is. Can you help?

FarfelFarfel are small pellet-shaped noodles, made of either egg or matzo.Farfel is most prevalent in Jewish cuisine, where it is a seasonal item used in Passover dishes. In this form, farfel simpl... Read More »

That final ingredient to my recipe?

roasted peppers and onions (really any veggies), mix some greek yogurt with bbq sauce, lower fat shredded cheese, pintos. Wouldn't a little fat from bacon or sausage be okay? (to help retain vitami... Read More »