What term refers to a PC card you can remove& replace without powering off?

Answer A PC card that can be removed and replaced while the computer is turned on is called "hot-swappable." PC cards (also known as "PCMCIA" cards) are hot-swappable, as are many types of external comput... Read More »

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What term refers to the condition in which the concentration of the reactants and products remains constant over time?

How do I remove the password when powering on from an HP laptop?

Control PanelSelect "Control Panel" from the Start menu in the bottom-left corner of your screen.User AccountsClick on "User Accounts" in the Control Panel window. Select the "Administrator" accoun... Read More »

What does tpi mean when is refers to a saw blade?

With a saw blade, TPI stands for "teeth per inch." A coarse tooth blade has two to three teeth per inch. A fine-toothed blade has 18 to 32 teeth per inch. A blade with a higher TPI provides a smoot... Read More »

The name department refers to?