What term best describes a fetus in the third trimester?

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What can happen to fetus if mother took apo-metronidazole during first trimester?

The medication is called "Duramorph"-- it is a long-acting morphine.

Can cough medicine taken during the first trimester harm the developing fetus?

Answer Even over-the-counter drugs are just that, "drugs." Before even taking an aspirin or anything for a cold, all you have to do is phone the pharmacist and tell them you are pregnant and can ... Read More »

What term best describes a 16-bit value in a computer?

In computers, a 16-bit value is called a "word." A word consists of two 8-bit "bytes" or four 4-bit "nibbles." The term "word" was coined by programmers during the days of 16-bit computer processor... Read More »

What term describes the first stools of a newborn?