What term applies to the aroma of wine?

Answer On One Hand: Aroma of WineThe aroma of wine is the first term that applies to the smell of wine. Aroma refers to the smell of the grapes. When grapes are fermented and made into wine, they can ha... Read More »

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What term applies to one's nephew's grandchild?

Your nephew's child is your great nephew or great niece depending upon sex. Your nephew's grandchild is your great great nephew or great great niece, depending on sex.

What is an aroma rock?

An aroma rock is a form of potpourri. It looks like colored crystals, and it can be poured into a bowl or vase. It gives off a scent that perfumes the room.References:Aromas Unlimited: Aroma rockBl... Read More »

What aroma means home to you?

Dove reminds me of my grandmother while I was a child...a very wonderful memory of feeling secure.

What is your favourite smell, or aroma.....?

Pipe tobacco smoke, hay, horses, cigars, fresh cut grass, and exhaust from a car running high octane fuel.