What temporary modifications could i make to Windows Firewall on the Windows 7?

Answer All I can say is if your asking that on here then your way out of your depth.Seriously you need to start making a few urgent phone calls higher up the chain!

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How to Remotely Disable the Windows Firewall in Windows 7?

When a Microsoft Windows 7 system is connected to a network, you can remotely control the system's policies and configuration as the domain administrator. If you have sufficient access to the machi... Read More »

Why do routers have a firewall when windows has a firewall?

you can leave them both on it is safer one external and one internal.but you can not run two firewalls in the same computer it will slow you down so much it will make your computer useless.☮

AVG 2013 Firewall or Windows 7 Firewall?

both are good .. but i prefer windows 7 firewall

How to Allow a VPN Through a Windows Firewall?

A virtual private network (VPN) is a network that allows large organizations secure access to the Internet. VPNs, while typically instated in large-scale networks, can also be used by security-savv... Read More »