What temperature should your water bed be?

Answer On One Hand: Start at 87 degreesAccording to the consumer information resource E-Waterbeds, your heater settings are a matter of personal preference. For new waterbeds, E-Waterbeds recommends setti... Read More »

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Which affects evaporation the most: air temperature, water temperature or wind speed?

Evaporation occurs when water goes from a liquid state to a gaseous state. Air temperature, water temperature and wind speed all affect evaporation. The rate of the evaporation and which factor aff... Read More »

What should the Delta T temperature difference be between the water inlet and the water outlet on a swimming pool heat pump?

What is healthier to drink Room temperature water or cold water.?

It's still water either way...why would temperature make a difference? Most people prefer cold water because it's more refreshing.Add some fresh berries and Voila! you have (somewhat) flavored w... Read More »

How to Adjust the Water Temperature of a Hot Water Boiler?

Hot water is a necessity for any functioning household. Hot water is mainly used for showers, washing clothes and cleaning dishes. Sometimes the temperature of the water coming out of the faucet or... Read More »