What temperature should you wash dress shirts?

Answer Before washing your dress shirt, check the tag. Clothing manufacturers post water temperatures on the care label. Use cold water when in doubt, as dress shirts are more delicate. Hot water is not m... Read More »

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How to Wash Men's Dress Shirts?

Got those high toned or spill-prevented tight lipped remarks on his favourite shirt clean-up? Well here are few tips to keep both his shirt and mood gleamy.

How do I wash tie dyed shirts?

Finish the tie-dye process by rinsing the still tied shirt in cold running water until the water runs almost clear of die.Untie the shirt and rinse in bucket or sink of tepid or barely warm warm wa... Read More »

How to Wash Tie Dyed Shirts?

Tie dyeing is a method of dyeing some areas of fabric while preventing the dye from getting to other areas, creating vibrant color patterns. You can fold, twist, crumple and prepare fabrics many wa... Read More »

How do i wash the deodorant stains off of my shirts?

You can try vinegar, or if the shirts are white you can try bleach. From my experience, however, it's next to impossible to get deodorant stains off shirts once they're set. The best way to keep ... Read More »