What temperature should an outdoor pool be heated to for comfortable swimming in cold weather or freezing temperatures?

Answer I think you should just adjust to the temperature of the water. I am a nationally ranked swimmer and I like the pool at 68-73 degrees. At a temperature of 82, you should only be in the water for ... Read More »

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What type of swimming pool is best in a cold weather climate?

"Best" in cold weather climates would probably be an indoor pool.Most outdoor (either above-ground or in-ground) pools need to be completely drained (or always heated) during the Winter in cold wea... Read More »

What is too cold a pool temperature for safe swimming?

Answer please refer to wiki entries regarding hypothermia and definition of comfort Really just depends on the person. Anything below 22C is too cold for me. The official FINA (world swimming orga... Read More »

How do I protect outdoor plants from freezing temperatures?

DeadheadingClean the plants up before you prepare them for winter, so that they spend less energy on dead vegetation and more on keeping warm. Trim off any spent blooms, diseased foliage or dead le... Read More »

How do I Store Leather Furniture in Freezing Cold Temperatures?

Leather furniture can crack due to extreme freezing temperatures. While keeping furniture in a climate-controlled storage facility is always the optimal choice, you can take steps to protect the fu... Read More »