What temperature should an ac unit blow?

Answer On One Hand: The AC Unit Should Cool Air 15 to 20 DegreesThe difference between the air coming into the air conditioning unit and air exiting the unit should be about 15 to 20 degrees. For example... Read More »

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At what temperature should you blow out sprinkler systems?

The temperature at which you blow out your sprinkler system is not important, so long as it is above freezing. You can blow out your system any time before the first freeze of the year.References:... Read More »

What temperature should I measure coming out of my air conditioning unit?

The temperature of the air leaving the air conditioner should be 15 degrees cooler than the air entering the air conditioner. If this is not the case, the air conditioner needs to be serviced.Refe... Read More »

Why Does My Old AC Unit Blow Out Black Dust?

Air conditioner units are capable of living long lives, but when the unit is stored for extended periods during the winter, who-knows-what can get inside of it. Both a unit stored in humid conditio... Read More »

What is the air temperature range from an HVAC unit?

Depending upon the type of refrigerant used, the air temperature range from a HVAC ("Heating, Ventilation and Air Conditioning") unit is -66 degrees Fahrenheit to 149 degrees Fahrenheit, at least i... Read More »