What temperature should a wood stove burn at?

Answer On One Hand: Burning BasicsWood burning stoves are built to harness the heat needed to burn and effectively heat a home. Getting it to the temperature that causes combustion is based on several fac... Read More »

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Can you burn wood pellets in a normal wood stove?

You can burn wood pellets in a traditional wood stove. Pellet baskets are available in various sizes from different suppliers. Wood pellets are made from recycled wood products and provide an effic... Read More »

Does poplar wood burn in a wood stove?

Although all tree species can burn, poplar is considered a soft wood and will therefore burn faster and produce less heat in a wood stove than hardwoods such as maple or oak.Source:The Wood Heat Or... Read More »

At what temperature does wood burn?

Wood goes through several stages before burning. As temperature increases, moisture boils off. At 450 degrees F, wood particles form volatiles, which produce the flames we see. At 750 degrees F com... Read More »

Is ash OK to burn in a wood burning stove?

Ash is an excellent wood to burn in a wood burning stove. It provides a high amount of heat, and is easy to split and burn. It doesn't tend to produce a lot of heavy smoke or throw a lot of sparks.... Read More »