What temperature should a hot tub be?

Answer On One Hand: 104 Degrees Is Often GoodMany hot tub experts recommend a maximum of 104 degrees Fahrenheit for hot tubs. This is because of potential heart problems caused by extended immersion in wa... Read More »

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What Should a CPU Temperature be?

The processor is one of the most energy-intensive and hottest computer components. The electrical current constantly passing through the circuits of a CPU creates heat---called the Joule effect, ac... Read More »

At what temperature should my CPU run?

The temperature at which a CPU (central processing unit) can run before it reaches "critical temperature" is based on the chipset in question. For example, the AMD Phenom X3 can operate up to 70°C... Read More »

What temperature should a fridge be?

Typically the temperature should be under 40 degrees F.

What should the temperature be for a CPU& system?

CPU temperature varies by manufacturer and type of CPU; however, no computer CPU should be above 203 degrees Fahrenheit, 95 degrees Celsius, but this is the critical heat. Your computer may still b... Read More »