What temperature does water freeze under pressure?

Answer Water consists of molecules of H2O that suffer a phase transition from liquid to solid state at 0C (32F) under ambient pressure. Just before this transition, the water expands at 4C (36F) which mea... Read More »

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At what temperature does sea water freeze?

The freezing temperature of sea water depends on the amount of salt in the water. The Atlantic Ocean is saltier than the Pacific Ocean. Sea water typically freezes at -1.9 degrees C or 30.2 degrees... Read More »

What temperature does sea water freeze at?

Sea water at the average salinity of 35 g/L freezes at 28.5 degrees Fahrenheit. Sea ice contains very little salt since the crystal structures of ice and salt are incompatible. You can drink water ... Read More »

At what temperature will water pipes freeze?

Water pipes that are in an unheated portion of the home are subject to freezing when it is 20 degrees F outside. While this is below the actual freezing temperature of water, a pipe inside even an... Read More »

At what temperature do water pipes freeze?

The temperature at which water pipes freeze is 20 degrees F. It is at that temperature water pipes begin to freeze forming ice within the pipe. If ice begins to build the added water pressure can c... Read More »