Can a venus fly trap digest human flesh?

Answer The Venus flytrap plant receives nutrients from oxygen, fertilizer applications and the occasional small insect that lands in the trap. A Venus flytrap is not able to bite off a piece of human fles... Read More »

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Is it true Human flesh tastes like pork,gammon.?

You are just sick along with your teacher, both of you need to visit a psychologist.

Would you work at a place where they serve products with human flesh in it?

Don't work anywhere if you don't want to. No one is forcing you to. As for the reasons why not, they are your reasons and they only have to make sense to you. Just don't expect others to think the ... Read More »

There is so much to eat without resorting to eating flesh. Why do human beings want to be carnivorous ?

Its a question that has baffled me for many years too. We dont need meat to live, and why as supposdly civilised, empathetic, caring people would we want innocent animals to have their throats slit... Read More »

Could the virus LQP-79 ( zombie like symptoms and the urge to eat human flesh) become true in the 21st century?

To all you saying "Such virus doesn't exist" first off... HOW DO YOU KNOW 100% percent... I'm not one big on conspiracies nor am I saying the "Zombie Apocalypse" is true or false. But what I am sta... Read More »