What temperature does a match burn at?

Answer A match head struck on a rough surface will ignite at a temperature of about 360 degrees Fahrenheit. Because of combustion, it will burn even hotter as the flame makes its way from the match head t... Read More »

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What is the temperature of a match flame?

The temperature of a match flame typically ranges from 600 to 800 degrees C, or 1,100 to 1,500 degrees F. This is considerably cooler than a wood flame, which burns at about 2,000 degrees C, or 3,6... Read More »

Should the Temperature Match the Thermostat Setting?

Winter weather doesn't need to drag your party spirit down with it. Perk your friends and family up during the snowy months with a winter-themed party. You can throw winter parties for birthdays, a... Read More »

How do you heal a match burn?

hold the match stick opposite side of burning point. hold right hand and match with left hand. now touching the burning point of stick with the match twice at a time. it will fire.

What temperature does Mapp gas burn at?

Mapp gas, which is produced by mixing Methylacetylene-Propadine and liquefied petroleum, will burn at a temperature of 5301℉ (2927℃). This characteristic makes it a good choice in plumbing when... Read More »