What temperature does Mapp gas burn at?

Answer Mapp gas, which is produced by mixing Methylacetylene-Propadine and liquefied petroleum, will burn at a temperature of 5301℉ (2927℃). This characteristic makes it a good choice in plumbing when... Read More »

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How hot does MAPP gas burn?

The stabilized mixture of Methylacetylene and Propadiene (MAPP) burns at 5,301 degrees allowing for ample pre-heating and stress-relieving heat for metal. MAPP is safer to store, handle and easier ... Read More »

At what temperature does jet fuel burn?

According to the Airport Jet Fuel website, jet fuel burns at about 1,800 degrees F. It would take at least 120 degrees F before jet fuel would blow up (called the flash point).Source:Airport Jet F... Read More »

What temperature does a match burn at?

A match head struck on a rough surface will ignite at a temperature of about 360 degrees Fahrenheit. Because of combustion, it will burn even hotter as the flame makes its way from the match head t... Read More »

At what temperature does cardboard burn?

Cardboard, which is made of paper stock, ignites at 427 degrees Celsius. This is equivalent to 801 degrees Fahrenheit. This differs from regular paper, which ignites at 233 degrees Celsius, or 451... Read More »