Does salt water or pure water boil the fastest?

Answer Pure water boils faster. The presence of a salt lowers the vapor pressure of salt water compared with pure water, so more heat energy is required to vaporize its molecules.References:Sciencebase: S... Read More »

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At what temperature does pure water boil?

Pure water boils at 100 degrees Centigrade. That translates to 212 degrees Fahrenheit. This boiling point is for water at sea level. At higher elevations, the boiling point is a few degrees lower... Read More »

Does pure water boil?

Pure water does boil. In fact, it reaches the boiling point faster than saltwater because salt can lower the vapor pressure of water. This means that pure water has a lower boiling point (the tempe... Read More »

Does water boil at 212 degrees Fahrenheit?

Yes, at sea level, water boils at 212 degrees Fahrenheit, or 100 degrees Celsius. The lower the air pressure, the lower the temperature needed to boil water. For example, at the top of Mt. Everest,... Read More »

Does hot or cold water boil faster?

As should be expected, hot water boils faster than cold water. This is true because boiling water is simply the act of heating it until it reaches 212 degrees Fahrenheit. The idea that cold water b... Read More »