What technology is used in chemotherapy?

Answer Cancer causes the overgrowth of cells in some parts of the body. There are many different treatment options for cancer. Chemotherapy is the use of medications to destroy cancer cells.Identification... Read More »

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Is chemotherapy used in treating hepatitis C?

Doctors do not use chemotherapy to treat hepatitis C, according to Medicine Net. However, the side effects of drugs used to treat hepatitis C may result in similar symptoms, such as hair loss.Refer... Read More »

How did vacuum technology used in industries Explain how vacuum cleaner technology help in reducing the cycle time.?

Can cyanide(of course in nanogram quantities) used for chemotherapy of cancer?

Theoretically, ANY poison could be used as a chemotherapy agent, the very foundation of chemo is that cancer cells will metabolize a poison faster than healthy cells, and so "die first"; the big pr... Read More »

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