What teas are safe during pregnancy?

Answer Any tea that has no laxitive or herbal tea is safe for pregnancy. Also, its best to avoid caffine. For Morning Sickness and any sort of sore throat/cold decaf lemon tea with some honey squirted in ... Read More »

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What immunizations are safe during pregnancy?

What are safe hypertension drugs to use during pregnancy?

AnswerAsk your doctor, my doctor prescribed methyldopa for my high blood pressure, but I am breastfeeding, not pregnant. If you have high blood pressure, your doctor will know whats best for you an... Read More »

What allergy meds are safe during pregnancy?

Doesn't matter, although she might prefer it if he has the strength to be reasonably active during the act.

What beauty treatments are safe during pregnancy?

AnswerPregnant woman are generally advised to avoid chemicals and fumes. At this time it is not known if hair dye is a risk factor, but the tests that have been conducted so far indicate that it is... Read More »