What team won the most games in nfl history?

Answer The Chicago Bears have won the most games in National Football League history. The Bears, a member of the NFL since 1920, have won 693 games against 507 losses and 42 ties, as of this April 2010 wr... Read More »

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Which MLB team has won the most games in history?

As of May 31, 2010, the San Francisco Giants have won 10,371 games, the most in MLB history. The Giants franchise has been around since 1883. They originally were known as the New York Gothams befo... Read More »

Which NFL team has gone 17-0 in NFL history?

The 1972 Dolphins had a 17-0 record after going through the entire season and post-season undefeated. For this reason, some people call them the greatest NFL team of all-time. The New England Patri... Read More »

What was the first football team in nfl history?

The oldest National Football League team began as a neighborhood team and played as the Morgan Athletic Club on Chicago's south side. The team would later be called the Normals, the Racine Cardinal... Read More »

Who is the winningest team in NFL history?

The Chicago Bears, who started playing in 1920, are the winningest team in NFL history. The Bears hold the record for most regular season wins with 693 and the record for combined regular season an... Read More »