What tea is good to calm you down when you're nervous & anxious?

Answer Others have already given a lot of good advice, but I have a few more ideas to offer. I run a tea site and have researched this topic quite a bit, so I'll link you to some pages that have citation... Read More »

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How to Calm an Anxious Dog?

Anyone out there who owns a dog of any size will know that at some point they will become distressed or anxious. But there are several ways to calm your pet if the situation arises.

Does coffee make you nervous or anxious?

Yes. But it was not always so. I used to thrive on espresso and had my own machine and, of course, a regular coffee machine, and both were put to work throughout the day. Since I was working from h... Read More »

How to Calm Yourself Down when You're Nervous?

I am so nervous!Say, you broke your moms favorite china bowl? Or you don't want to go to school because there is a big test, or maybe you're going to a dentist for endodontic therapy? Nervousness i... Read More »

How to Calm a Nervous Dog in the Car?

If you love your wee pup, you'll wanna take him places with ye. However, this can be a bit of a problem if your pooch pal is nervous in cars. Learn how to calm him down with just a wee trick or two.