What tattoo should we get?

Answer how about ying and yang??

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What tattoo should you have what tattoo u got .?

Im 18 and i want a tattoo, should i get one, if so what should i get where?

Depends on your taste, what you like, what matches your skin colour. I would get a blue and purple butterfly on my lower back.

What tattoo should I get?

Libra scales sounds cool if someone you love or urself is libra... It is smart to get something thatll never change if ur so young, like zodiac, because u will change.. So if u get more please thin... Read More »

What type of Tattoo should i Get?

pay no attention to the whole tramp stamp thing. i have a butterfly on by back-when i went in i didnt want to get it on my back because of the whole "tramp stamp" and also because it seems like eve... Read More »