What taste nice with peanutbutter?

Answer jelly, oreo's, apples, chocolate, celery, gram crackers, ritz crackers, bread, pancakes with syrup

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How to Get Chicken to Taste Nice?

Sometimes chicken can taste plain. Seasonings and spices makes it taste nice. Read the following steps to "spice" up your chicken to make it taste nice.

How can I make tofu taste nice?

The texture isn't going to change much, but try soaking it in dark soy sauce, brown sugar and garlic. You can soak it as long as all day, if you like, It gives it a nice color and flavor. Just c... Read More »

Do the flavoured Smirnoff vodkas taste nice?

1. I haven't tried them so I don't really know. I personally think that straight vodka is nasty though, so I only use it for mixing.2. Read above3. It's pure vodka with flavoring. 4. Probably the s... Read More »

Microwave popcorn ideas what would taste nice with it?

make muddy buddies (aka. puppy chow) and mix it with the popcorn, and add m&ms... so good