What tasks does a housekeeper have to do?

Answer they look after the house and stuff.

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Why can't i have my housekeeper put down?

YES sounds good to me stoopid ole bag! Why not take her to the taxidermist after - just so;s you never forget her?

What tasks do you have to perform in police academy?

There is lots and lots of push ups and running the half mile. I'm totally serious! The coaches are really tough, like the mean coaches you see on TV. Training lasts about 24 weeks in California. If... Read More »

If you have Down syndrome does that stop or prevent you from doing day-to-day tasks that others take for granted?

How much does a hotel housekeeper make?

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, in May 2008 the average hourly salary for housekeepers in the traveler accommodations industry was $9.42 and the average annual salary was $19,580. Abou... Read More »