What talk-show host berated tom selleck on air over his support of the nra and unsuccessfully ordered bernadette peters to change a lyric from Annie get what if your gun?

Answer Rosie O'Donnell

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Has Wendy Williams the talk show host had a sex change?

Talking translates in Latin to "dicens" if the subject is singular, but would translate to "dicentem" if the word "talking" modifies is a singular direct object; if the subject is plural it transla... Read More »

Which popular talk show host dubs himself The Godzilla of Talk Radio?

Who is the talk show host from the late 60's who used this phrase at the end of his show may the birds of paradise fly up your nose?

No. A web advertisement saying that she had done so was false. For one thing, the picture the ad posted of her supposedly appearing on Jay Leno in 2009 was actually from a much older 2003 appearanc... Read More »

What is former talk show host Jenny Jones doing now since the cancellation of her show a few years back?

Jenny Jones I recentlsaw Jenny Jones on CBS' Early show. She has written a cookbook based on sugarless meals. She claims that this is what has allowed her to retain her youthful appearance(she rece... Read More »