What takes the stinging sensation out of a wasp sting?

Answer Remove the stinger. Avoid using tweezers to do this, however, as it can squeeze more venom into the body. Instead, carefully scrape a blunt edge over the stinger, such as a credit card or the back ... Read More »

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Wasp sting on eye how to bring down stinging!?

Usually you would apply something acidic to the sting(eg. Vinegar, Lemon juice).Also try an antihistamine tablet.

Stinging sensation all over body?

If you have been going to the gym a lot then your body is probably not used to the junk food so it is trying to adapt. If you are going to eat junk then only eat small portions of it so your body c... Read More »

Is stinging an ok sensation in an incision?

That is not unusual at this point. It may be coming from the sutures in which case it will dissipate as the tissue heals or as the sutures are removed or dissolve. At an outside chance, you may hav... Read More »

Bee sting or Wasp sting which hurts more?

The interesting thing is that bee and wasp stings are completely opposite. Bee stings are acidic, and thus can be neutralised with an alkali, whereas wasps are alkali and can be neutralised with an... Read More »