What takes a picture of something and digitizes it?

Answer That would be a digital camera or a scanner. More specifically, there is a CCD or similar chip inside the camera or scanner, and that is what "perceives" the information and sends it to a circuit b... Read More »

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What digital camera takes better picture?

At the associates level, the program is designed to be a two year program of study provided the student take the major as prescribed by the institution. The bachelors degree within the fine arts a... Read More »

What isTHE BEST digital camera i want something that takes reallyyyyyy good pictures?

Canon Powershot series.Not too expensive and takes great photos.…

Name something that once wet takes forever to dry?

Do you find it annoying when a person takes a picture of themselves in front of a mirror?

I think if the flash ruins the picture it is very annoying. It is also somewhat interesting to see how some people's expressions suddenly change when in front of a mirror.