What systems work with the muscular system?

Answer The human body is a complex combination of systems that work together to sustain life. The muscular system plays an important role in this process as it helps other systems perform their jobs.Skele... Read More »

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How do the muscular and skeletal systems work together in the cardiovascular system?

The functioning of muscles and bones not only depends on oxygen and nutrients delivered by the cardiovascular system, but the muscular and skeletal systems in turn affect the heart, the blood vesse... Read More »

How does the muscular system work with the nervous system?

The brain controls all body systems. It interacts with other body systems through a network of neurons, which make up the nervous system. These specialized neurons communicate with muscles througho... Read More »

How Does the Muscular System Work With the Circulatory System?

All the systems of the body work closely together to maintain homeostasis--the dynamic balance of internal conditions which the body works constantly to preserve. The muscular system and circulator... Read More »

How does the muscular system work?

The three types of muscles that make up the muscular system--skeletal, smooth and cardiac--provide movement by contracting. These contractions cause different types of movement, depending on the ty... Read More »