What symptoms of Mononucleosis will stay once the harsh, initial symptoms subside?

Answer Ask your doctor. I had Mononucleosis over 25 years ago and I've been extremely healthy my whole life since. You'll be fine. Just keep with your doctor.

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Initial Symptoms of Rabies?

Rabies, although deadly, is a slow-moving virus that often takes weeks to cause outward symptoms. The incubation time for rabies can be anywhere from three to eight weeks in dogs, two to six weeks ... Read More »

List the common initial signs of legionella pneumophila and the new symptoms that develop as the disease progresses?

Are flu like symptoms such as body aches and aching eyes symptoms of pregnancy because you have heard flu like symptoms can happen in pregnancy?

You may have body aches but aching eyes would not be a typical symptom of pregnancy. Usually when it is said that you might have flu-like symptoms with pregnancy, it is referring more to the malais... Read More »

Is it normal to have implantation bleeding with a few pregnancy symptoms and then no symptoms at all but your period is 4 days late?

Answer At four days late you will only be getting a few symptoms. They will probably come and go as your body surges with hormones. I wouldn't worry unless you experience some bleeding.