What symbol represents the number of cells in a flowering plant gamete?

Answer When indicating the male and female cells in a flowering plant, botany uses two symbols. A circle represents a female cell and a square represents a male cell. Closed and open symbols represent di... Read More »

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How many copies of chromosome IV does a flowering plant have in its somatic cells?

There are two copies of chromosome IV in a flowering plant's somatic cells if it is in the sporophyte stage of the lifecycle. The sporophyte stage of flowering plants is the diploid stage, meaning ... Read More »

Does anyone know how to make a star symbol with the alt + (a number on the number pad)?

Try Alt + 9733I couldn't try this on my own computer as I have a new keyboard that's all screwed up, but it might work out for you. If not, sorry.Edit-That one works for the black star, the white ... Read More »

What is the atomic number&symbol of palladium?

Pd is the symbol for palladium and its atomic number is 46. Discovered in 1803 by William Hyde Wollaston, palladium's atomic weight is 106.4 and it is a metal.References:Los Alamos National Laborat... Read More »

Why does a number show up instead of my chosen symbol - in Excel?

There may be another type of formatting in the cell which is causing the "text" value to be displayed as a number instead.Try changing the Format to something else, such as "General" or "Text".