What sweets can you remember from childhood?

Answer i really liked the candy cigarrettes.. they stopped making them i think because it encouraged children to smoke.. lol needless to say i am a smoker but i dont' think it was from the candy cigarettes!

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What films do you remember from your childhood?

i saw star wars when i was a kid and it totally blew me awaystill like the films

What was your favourite sweets from your childhood and why ?

Treats! they are now called peanut M&M'sAlso - tootie frootiesthe reason is simple i had a very sweet tooth and these were the sweetest to me;)

How do you remember childhood abuse if you suspect it but don't remember it?

If you only suspect childhood abuse it still doesn't mean you weren't abused, but to be sure you need psychological counseling to bring forth any past memories you have to resolve this problem.

Looking for a show aired in the 90s from what you remember it was about aliens was set in a desert and you distinctly remember a scene with some sort of webbing any help would be appreciated?