What supplements help stop hair loss?

Answer Hair loss has many causes, but one often overlooked is vitamin deficiency. Vitamins are essential for body function and help to regenerate cells, skin and hair. While it is important to maintain a ... Read More »

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What supplements cause hair loss?

The average, healthy person sheds about 50 strands of hair each day. When vitamin deficiencies, hormonal changes or other factors are at play, that number can increase, leading to substantial hair ... Read More »

Supplements & Vitamins for Hair Loss?

Everyone loses hair, but losing more than the normal amount, about 100 hairs a day, is considered excessive hair loss. Waking up with hair on your pillow, losing a lot of hair when you shampoo, and... Read More »

How to Stop Hair Loss With Natural Hair Loss Remedies?

Both men and women can suffer from hair loss. There are many reasons behind hair loss with some being genetics or the very common disease in men called male pattern baldness (MPB). This article wil... Read More »

Scalp Massage With Fingers to Stop Hair Loss & Regrow Hair?

A scalp massage with fingers helps stop hair loss and regrows hair. According to the University of Maryland Medical Center website, massage stimulates the scalp by increasing circulation. This also... Read More »