What supplement will stop cramping hands, arms, ribs in a senior female?

Answer Call a health food store. See what they recommend. OR, call a pharmacist. They know more about that kind of thing than most doctors! Good luck. I hope there is help for this woman. I hate to ... Read More »

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How to Stop a Dog from Mouthing Your Hands and Arms?

Many puppies might wrap their mouths around your arm or your hand as a playful gesture. Although they don't intend any harm, this can be pretty scary to "outsiders" when the puppy grows up to be a ... Read More »

My hands are cramping up I getting arthritis ?

HOMEOPATHIC TREATMENT FOR ARTHRITIS without any side effects or complications of any sort, (Arthritis including Gout, Arthritis Deformans/Osteo-Athritis and Rheumatism) :-Pain knee joints, worse by... Read More »

My heart is tingling along with my hands,arms,and face idk what it is?

To me, that sounds like you've been hyperventilating. Over breathing so you lose too much carbon dioxide from your bloodstream - it is the level of carbon dioxide (not oxygen) that controls the rat... Read More »

What is the name of the BBC senior female worker who took five years maternity leave?