What shows are about kids who have super powers?

Answer Oh man, there are a lot of those, but I'll just give three examples: 1: X-Men Evolution: A show about young teens who must deal with their powers and the fact that humans hate them.2: Sailor Moon:... Read More »

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What kind other kinds of magical super powers can I expect?

Wow, he is going to a chip off Superman's block. :)I think someone forgot to inform my kids of their super powers. 2 are 3 on Monday, 1 is 5 in February and they haven't quite mastered all the powe... Read More »

Does alf have any powers?

Does Haruhi Suzumiya have god powers?

Yes, her inner feelings influence space time, and alter reality

Does soup really have curative powers?

There are many different ways to make soup. If you are looking for nutrition, try this.PotatoCarrotCeleryGreen BeansOnionGarlicTomato powder, organicSea salt, pepper & herbsCombine all ingredients ... Read More »