What substance increases in amount during cellular respiration?

Answer Cellular respiration, also called oxidative metabolism, is the method through which most cells in both plants and animals take sugars (in the form of glucose) and create energy (called ATP) to fuel... Read More »

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What substance is oxidized in cellular respiration?

When oxidized through respiration, glucose releases energy trapped in its chemical bonds. This energy produces ATP, which can be used by the cells. After breaking down glucose, carbon dioxide and w... Read More »

Which substance is needed for aerobic cellular respiration to occur?

Oxygen and glucose (chemical formula C6H12O6) are necessary for aerobic cellular respiration to occur. Cellular respiration will result in the formation of carbon dioxide, water and ATP (adenosine ... Read More »

During which stage is CO2 released during cellular respiration?

Carbon dioxide is released in cellular respiration during the breakdown of glucose. When glucose is oxidized, the oxygen forms water, while the atoms of the sugar molecule form carbon dioxide and ... Read More »

What is the number of ATP produced during cellular respiration from one glucose molecule?

Glycolysis, the first step in cellular respiration, produces four molecules of adenosine triphosphate from one molecule of glucose, but uses two molecules of ATP during the process; the net gain is... Read More »