What subjects do you need to become a radiographer?

Answer 2 sciences, English and maths. to join the Raf/army 5 GCSEs at B level!

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What subjects in high school do you need to become a gynecologist?

Well to be honest with you, employers aren't going to loo at your high school record but take as many advanced classes as possible and as many science (particularly anatomy and biology) and math cl... Read More »

What subjects do you need to take when in high school to become an interior designer?

This answer is completely dependent upon the school - each has differing requirements for degree, so review each carefully. Schools with an emphasis in art and design may not suit you as well as sc... Read More »

How to Train to Become a Radiographer?

A radiographer, also referred to as a radiologic technician, takes X-rays to help in the diagnosis of medical problems. Radiographers also maintain radiology equipment and patient medical records.... Read More »

What subjects are needed to become a spy?