What subject at high school do you need to become a paediatrician?

Answer You need science (all of them). Physics, Chemistry and Biology. If your school offers you a Biochemistry class take that to. You also need grade 12 university math. Also you would want to study Bus... Read More »

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What do I need to take in high school to become an engineer?

While engineering programs do not typically require specific high school courses for admission, if you plan to pursue a degree in engineering you can take steps in high school to better prepare for... Read More »

What subjects in high school do you need to become a gynecologist?

Well to be honest with you, employers aren't going to loo at your high school record but take as many advanced classes as possible and as many science (particularly anatomy and biology) and math cl... Read More »

What high school courses do you need to take to become a peditrician at UTA?

Patience, kindness, understanding, consistency, and having a place to hide out and scream when necessary.Never allow young children into the bathroom with you, this teaches them it is - when you're... Read More »

What classes do i need to take in high school&college to become a doctor?

Medical students have usually completed a four-year bachelor's degree in science at college or university before training as a doctor, although liberal arts or humanities degrees are also accepted.... Read More »