What style of underwear do women like on men?

Answer On One Hand: Boxer BriefsA Men's Health survey, found that the style of underwear the majority of women prefer on men is boxer briefs. Boxer briefs suggest that the wearer is adventurous, according... Read More »

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Pants with underwear showing--Where did that style come from I think it the most ridiculous style ever?

It's from prisons. Despite what the previous answerer thinks about it being an indicator of sexuality, it's simply because some (all?) prisoners belts are taken from them to prevent suicide attempt... Read More »

Do women wear underwear and bra in home or no?

If you had your underwear on and she had nothing on and you pre-ejaculated in underwear could she get pregnant?

Why do women attack other women so much these days,like on weight looks ETC?

I find it extremely sad. My feelings on the subject is that they haven't anything else to make fun of someone for, so they attack the looks. My thing is, I was raised to be very modest and humble... Read More »