What structure is dilated with a Maloney dilator?

Answer The Maloney dilator is used by medical professionals to dilate the esophagus. The reusable plastic tube is tapered at the end and comes in multiple sizes, depending on what type of dilation of the ... Read More »

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Is caffeine a dilator and vasoconstrictor?

it acts a constrictor decreasing the diamater of an artery and increasing blood pressure

If you are not dilated or effaced at all and you drink castor oil can it just make you become dilated and effaced?

Supposedly it can be very bad for the baby. It will give you diarhea and as you know that causes a lot of pain, cramping, and pushing of the stomache muscles that MAY cause you to get sick enough t... Read More »

What if you're 39 weeks pregnant with second child 80 percent effaced 2 cm dilated baby at plus 1 pelvic station?

If your first child is under five years of age, you can expect this delivery to take about half the time it did before. Isn't that a lovely thought? That's the good news, the bad news is that this ... Read More »

What Is Niels Bohr's connection with atomic structure?

Niels Bohr's greatest contribution to the theory of atomic structure was his work with the nucleus, leading to the "liquid droplet theory," which helped scientists understand better how fission wor... Read More »