What stroller is good for a toddler?

Answer On One Hand: Use the Stroller You Already HaveMany parents purchase strollers that are "convertible." That is, the strollers can be used not just when the child is an infant, but also when they be... Read More »

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Can you offer a solution toddler 1 was caught performing oral sex on toddler 2 One toddler is 4 the performer and the other is 3 cousins they were caught Older toddler also has bruises and odd ideas?

Get these children to a doctor as soon as you possibly can. This is an emergency. At least one of these children was obviously sexually molested and needs help now. The police should also be contac... Read More »

How do I make an umbrella stroller into a double stroller?

What You'll NeedBuy two umbrella strollers of similar make and model to fit together snugly. Purchase a set of stroller connectors at a baby-supply store or online (expect to spend between $10 and ... Read More »

Good Internet sites for my toddler?

whats with all the thumbs down! education and entertainment come in all shapes and sizes. children are allowed time on the computers in school its a teaching aid just as much as a book. as long as ... Read More »

Define good quality infant/toddler care?

1. Small group2. Low child/adult ratio3. Primary caregiver assigned to each child4. Responsive caregivers/ children not left to cry/fuss5. Developmentally appropriate curriculum6. Limited hour... Read More »