How to Photograph Streets, Roads and Side Streets?

Answer Interesting street photography might be found on your daily commute, neighborhoods, jogging paths and other familiar roads or streets.

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What should i do if i have been sold a fake camcorder off the streets?

Learn the lesson and move on. Remember, if it looks too good to be true - it probably is.If you do meet the seller again, you could always beat the £80 out of him.

If I get AT&T Wireless, I hear they give you more bars in more places. Do the extra bars have drink specials?

They have ladies night on Thursdays (call 1-900-for info)Karaoke on Fridays (must have mp3 on phone to play)No roaming charges for bar hoppingand Wednesday night "anytime is happy hour time" minutes.

Do you have to pay for parking on the streets in Manhattan on Sunday?

You do not have to pay parking meters in Manhattan on Sundays. As of November 13, 2005, it is possible to park at a meter on Sunday in Manhattan without paying a meter even if the parking sign stat... Read More »

Do you have to insure a car if you dont drive it on the public streets?

Answer If the vehicle has a leinholder, regardless where you drive it, it has to have full coverage insurance (or able to show financial responsibility). This is due to anything can happen and the... Read More »