How much does it cost to open a Subway?

Answer According to the website, the price to start a Subway restaurant franchise can range between $114,800 and $258,300. The cost of opening a Subway depends on the location and the physical ... Read More »

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If a house alarm in your street had been going off for 3 HOURS..... AND STILL ON NOW. What would you do?

For a long time now burglar alarms SHOULD ( by law) switch off after 20 minutesCall your local ENVIRONMENTAL office and ask what they are prepared to do about itIf you can get away with it smash th... Read More »

How do they get the subway trains into the subway 10 points for a smile!?

The ones I normally take seem to have come via the sewer system

May I cathch rabis I accidently touched the spot where a street dog licked two hours earlier.?

Just have a simple outlook on this!. Only if a dog's saliva comes into contact with your bloodstreamand if the saliva breeds inside, there is a likelihood of RABIES attack. Moreover, if the dog whi... Read More »

How to Add Hours in Open Office?

Date and time in OpenOffice are stored as numbers. Whole numbers represent dates and fractional numbers represent time. For example, six hours is stored as 0.25, representing one-fourth of a day.... Read More »