Is the Grand Oasis Cancun next to another Oasis hotel?

Answer The Grand Oasis is located next to another Oasis hotel in Cancun, Mexico, called the Oasis Cancun. Oasis Hoteles is owned by Be Live Hotels, which operates hotels and resorts in 6 countries around ... Read More »

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Why do people say "Oasis ARE" instead of "Oasis IS"?

You're correct, of course. But "Oasis is"... it's a little bit of a mouthful even if you're just saying it to yourself. When people say "Oasis are", they could be referring to individual members of... Read More »

What are bowling lanes made of?

Modern bowling lanes are made of a synthetic phenolic resin, an industrial laminated plastic, instead of solid maple hardwood. The synthetic material is much harder, denser and more durable than ha... Read More »

What wood is used for bowling lanes?

Historically, bowling alleys have used wood for bowling lane surfaces--maple in the front section of the lane, where the players walk and where the ball hits, and pine in the back portion of the la... Read More »

What is the difference between a side street and a cross street?

I take it that English is not your primary language...A "side street" is a street that is not a thoroughfare... frequently a residential street. A "cross street" is one that intersects with (crosse... Read More »