What stores or places hire 15 year olds for summer jobs!?

Answer Try your local library. Some of them will hire at 15 for reshelving books and such. Also, my niece worked at a tennis club when she was 15, but she was also taking lessons there. It's worth look... Read More »

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Any places that hire 16 year olds in the summer?

Alot of times McDonalds hire for people to work in the summer since they usually have more bussiness at that time. You can try there and other resturants like Subway, Wendys, Taco Bell, KFC, Pizza ... Read More »

What jobs hire 15 year olds in Seattle Washington?

Fast Food places IF you get a school work permit.-

Summer jobs for 13 year olds!!!?

Well, you have a computer.. so check out some of the online jobs, such as or look in your search engine for cha cha guides.. the pay isn't great on those.. You could babysit, and you ... Read More »

Summer jobs for 12 year olds?

go around mowing lawns or something small like that.well if you are interested in video game and have friend that have the same game, system sell them the games you don't like or mow your lawn, vac... Read More »