What stores offer repairs for a samsung plasma tv?

Answer If you want to get your television repaired you should look to see if your warranty is valid and if it is you need only to follow the instruction on the warranty

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Which offers the best overall picture quality - high-end Samsung or Panasonic plasma or Samsung LED?

Panasonic Plasma, hands down. Plasma delivers more vivid colors, truer blacks, and deeper contrast to LCD, even LED LCD. Panasonic Viera Plasmas or Pioneer Kuro Elite Plasmas are the go to choice... Read More »

Samsung galaxy tab repairs?

You could, if you're a tech-wiz, buy the screen of eBay and repair it yourself (It is do-able, my brother fixed my HTC Wildfire S like this, providing you can find the screen.) If you are not up to... Read More »

What is the major reason why plasma TVs are being removed from shelves in electronics stores?

LCD's are kind of taking over as you have noticed. One of the main reasons is that LCD's are cheaper to manufacture and are lighter than plasmas (they don't need to be made of glass like a plasma)... Read More »